Awair is an international consultancy firm and Hogan Assessments distributor in the UK, Italy, and France

We specialise in:

Our range of assessments and consulting services are designed to support all stages of the talent management cycle, from attraction to selection, onboarding, retention and development
We provide insightful analytics to help organisations decode talent at all organisational levels and for different recruitment purposes, facilitating hiring decisions that align with business and organisational strategies
We help teams, leaders, managers and high potentials to improve performance and overall effectiveness by providing rich, high-impact development experiences that enhance individual and collective self-awareness
Our assessments and development centres provide an accurate and robust measure of an individual's potential (capacity for long-term growth) and readiness (the capability to handle the requirements of a more complex role in the near future) to support both selection and development initiatives

Our mission


Provide high-quality, bespoke business psychology consulting services within an agile and cost-effective framework


Invest in new technologies and innovation to enhance a “phygital” customer experience


Promote scientific and data-driven approaches that improve talent decisions and increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace


Embed an international mindset and cultural sensitivity in our client’s global talent initiatives


Trusted by

Discover the Hogan Assessment suite of personality and cognitive assessments. Used for selection, assessment and leadership development these premium psychometrics can support your HR, Organisational Development, Talent management and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in a cost-effective, unbiased and data-driven way.

Hogan Certification Workshops

As a UK distributor of Hogan Assessments, we provide a foundational workshop and two advanced workshops that teach you to administer, interpret and provide feedback for Hogan’s three core personality assessments: Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI).

Assessment and
Development Centres

We design and implement assessment and development centres to support your talent management initiatives, providing rich data and advanced analytics to support talent growth and strengthen your organisation’s competitive advantage.


Our coaching services support the democratisation of development. With a focus on building strategic self-awareness, this cost-effective and high-impact approach extends access to development opportunities to wider talent pools.