Assessment Centres

Addressing the “Talent” Question

Who is equipped and ready to manage more complex and challenging roles? How far and how fast can an employee grow and develop in our company? Does our workforce possess the competencies that are needed to support the organisational strategy? How can we accurately predict an individual’s potential to succeed?

Those are some of the burning questions organisations attempt to address every day and for good reason. Recent studies indicate that businesses with strong leadership are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their most talented employees.


Identifying Talent

Identifying the most promising talent pools requires more than intuition and experience. Through the deployment of advanced psychometrics and simulations we provide an accurate, standardised, and objective measurement of an individual’s potential and readiness for all levels in the organisation:

  • High Potentials & Emerging Leaders

  • Professionals

  • First Level Leaders

  • Mid-Level Leaders

  • Business Unit Leaders

  • Executives

The challenges with the current process

There are no established processes for identifying high potential employees.

Organisations mostly rely on supervisor nominations and performance appraisals to identify potential in their talent pools. Performance, however, is not necessarily a predictor of future potential (in fact, research shows that only 30% of current high performers are actually high-potential employees); this means that most employees would struggle at the next level.

Secondly, both performance appraisals and supervisor nominations can be affected by biases and politics, factors that may promote characteristics such as loyalty, likeability, excessive self-confidence, and risk-taking tendencies rather than actual potential.

As a result, high-potentials can often feel disengaged and disillusioned toward their company, and therefore more likely to look for other opportunities and leave the organisation.


Potential – focus on long-term growth

Although there is no universal definition of potential, this usually refers to a capacity for long-term growth, particularly in executive positions. The focus is on the person’s most stable characteristics or building blocks – cognitive abilities, personality traits, motives, and values. These are best measured through standardised psychometric assessments, such as cognitive ability tests and personality inventories, as well as structured interviews that focus on career goals, self-awareness, motivation, and experience.

Readiness to perform

Readiness refers to an individual’s capability to handle the requirements and challenges of a new, typically more complex role in the near future. Decisions regarding readiness are based on several factors (including track record, experience, and functional expertise), but the best way to measure it is through in-depth structured interviews and realistic business simulations.

Our assessment services provide you with the information you need to “decode” talent and identify individuals who have the best chance to grow from within by expanding their capabilities rapidly and fulfilling the requirements of future strategic roles.


Assessment and development centre benefits for the organisation:

  • Building a strong leadership pipeline

  • Identifying High Pos in a fair and objective way

  • Aligning development efforts to both the organisational and people’s needs

  • Deployment of Talent in restructuring and reorganisation initiatives

  • Use assessment analytics to inform Talent Attraction, Acquisition, and talent retention strategies

  • Evaluating risks associated with talent decisions

  • Support diversity and inclusion initiatives

Benefits for individuals

  • High impact and immediate development experience – during and after

  • Development of self-awareness through immediate feedback and coaching

  • Identifying strengths and development areas against expectations of future roles

  • Career guidance and insightful coaching

  • Support in developing a targeted development plan, and creating customised development journeys

  • Facilitate onboarding and support role transition


A smart platform with a human touch

Our smart assessment platform not only provides a state-of-the-art solution for assessors and administrators to manage and deliver all aspects of the assessment centre but also guarantees a seamless user experience that enables participants to manage all assessment activities in one place.

Participants receive an invitation to access the platform and complete their prework, schedule the assessment, receive reports, schedule their feedback and coaching sessions and provide feedback on the overall process.

Project Managers can view the advancement status of the project, access individual reports and access all Talent Analytics: a dynamic view of the talent pool, such as:

  • Analysis of competency score distributions on different levels, e.g. overall vs. function, region, level, etc.

  • Readiness

  • Potential

  • Competencies

  • Talent grids

  • Potential Vs readiness grids