Hogan Assessment is a premium provider of high-quality and empirically validated psychometric assessments. Dr Hogan was one of the first business psychologists to highlight the link between personality and workplace performance.

Since the ’70s, Hogan has continuously invested in research and development to provide a suite of personality and cognitive assessments that can be deployed in all stages of the talent management cycle, from talent acquisition to executive and leadership development

Awair is a Hogan distributor for the UK, Italy, and France


Identity and Reputation

While identity – the way we perceive ourselves – is important to us we believe that reputation is more consequential to workplace performance. The Hogan Assessments are a measure of workplace reputation; they offer insights into the way we impact on others, helping individuals and organisations enhance individual and collective self-awareness.

The Bright Side of personality: Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The HPI describes the characteristics that determine how we work, lead and interact with others when we are at our best. Used for recruitment and development.


The Dark Side of personality: Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

The HDS describes ineffective characteristics that emerge in times of stress or complacency, leading to reputational damage, poor decisions and strained relationships while derailing people’s careers and the likelihood of success. Used for recruitment and development.

The Inside of personality: Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

A measure of goals, values, drivers and interests, the MVPI provides insights regarding people’s motivations to succeed, their cultural fit with your organisation, and the environments they will find engaging and productive. Used for recruitment and development.


Cognitive assessments

Discover our suite of cognitive assessments which are designed to integrate with personality assessments and provide a full picture of a candidate or an employee.

Hogan Certification Workshops

As an authorised Hogan Assessments distributor for the UK, we offer a range of workshops that teach you how to administer assessments and interpret Hogan results, provide feedback and extract maximum value from the assessment data.