Our approach: an interactional view of development


Individual differences and characteristics, such as personality and values, contribute to building an individual's reputation in different contexts and organisational cultures.

Some of these characteristics, which may be considered strengths in a specific organisational culture or role, may hinder effectiveness in other contexts, leading to different levels of performance or reputational outcomes. Sometimes these obstacles can also prevent an individual from achieving their professional goals and aspirations.

Success, in terms of coaching outcomes, can be defined as the ability to leverage strengths and individual differences in any type of context or organisational culture.

Our coaching programmes help individuals in enhancing their strategic self-awareness. With the support of our coaches, Awair helps coachees to identify the development actions that have the highest returns in terms of reputational outcomes.

Awareness Coaching: it’s time to democratise development

More and more companies choose coaching to grow and develop key talent. Yet coaching opportunities are often limited to selected talent pools to accommodate tightening budgets and limited resources.

Awareness Coaching combines insightful personality assessments with a limited number of sessions to provide a high-impact and cost-effective development experience to a wider range of talent pools.

The goal of Awareness Coaching is to heighten a participant’s strategic self-awareness – the understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, and behavioural tendencies, and how those strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies compare to those of others.

With Awareness Coaching, the accountability for development is placed squarely on the participant’s shoulders, with the coach offering suggestions for behaviour changes geared toward increasing workplace performance and acting as a sounding board for progress.


Awareness Coaching programme


complete Hogan Assessments


Feedback Session

enhance self-awareness, identify strengths and development areas, identify development goals


Coaching session

set priorities, identify effective mindsets, behaviours and development actions



monitoring progress, fine tuning the development plan


Learn more about the impact that the programme can bring to your organisation.

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Executive Coaching programmes

Awair provides Executive Coaching programmes that combine the scientific power of the Hogan Assessment with targeted coaching interventions. From succession planning to leadership development , job transitions and change management our Executive Coaching programmes are designed to support the development of key talent, enhancing their strategic self-awareness to support behavioural change and maximise their potential and performance.

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The gold standard in coaching

Hogan Assessment has partnered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to combine the market-leading strengths of each organisation and place Hogan in front of 24,000-plus ICF members in more than 130 countries while providing ICF with the predictive power of Hogan's assessment suite developed over 30 years of experience with data from millions of global leaders.

Hogan Assessments, as an international leader in personality assessment and leadership development, has been identified as the tool of choice to help coaches advance their coaching practice. In view of this strategic partnership, ICF members can now benefit from a discounted rate on

Hogan Certification Workshops.

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