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Develop a safer workplace with Hogan's Safety Report

Creating a safer work environment for customers and employees is crucial for many industries. Improving equipment and procedures to reduce accidents and mitigate downtime helps improve business outcomes and employee well-being.

Industries like construction, manufacturing and healthcare rely on safe and practical environments to perform. With a quick 10-15 minute personality assessment, organisations can identify and develop safety-conscious candidates, focus and improve employee training within the company and identify any gaps in your safety culture.

Hogan’s Safety Report uses personality assessments to recognise potentially risky behaviours. The report findings help to understand how specific personalities can be managed to promote a safer working environment. The safety report can be used to evaluate your current workforce or as part of your recruitment process for new hires.

Hogan has been studying workplace behaviours since the 1970s and has worked with large blue-chip organisations around the globe to identify potentially unsafe behaviours to help improve company culture.

How a safety report will help your business


Workplace accidents prevented


production days saved


Workplace injury and

accident costs saved


estimated roi

Traditional methods of promoting safety measures and procedures are crucial for any business. The Hogan Safety Report can go many steps further to benefit your business.

Advantages of using the Safety Report

  • Understand personalities and how their behaviours can be improved

  • Identify risk-prone characteristics in your organisation

  • Tailor safety training to individuals

  • Strengthen your leadership team

  • Promote a safer working environment

Improving safety and reducing accidents in your organisation saves your company time and money while creating a good reputation for customers and stakeholders. When everyone works together for a safer environment, staff and service-user’s well-being is greatly improved.

Safety Scales

Through years of research, Hogan Assessments have identified six distinct themes underlying potentially unsafe work behaviour. With these themes, six scales have been formulated to better understand individuals and their impact on the work environment.

With the Hogan Safety Report, businesses get clear reports which clearly describe a candidate’s or employee’s overall strengths and help to understand how to handle areas of concern.



Low scorers ignore authority and company rules

High scorers willingly follow rules and guidelines



Low scorers are easily distracted and can make mistakes

High scorers stay focused on the task at hand



Low scorers tend to panic under pressure and make mistakes

High scorers are steady under pressure



Low scorers tend to take unnecessary risks

High scorers evaluate their options before making risky decisions



Low scorers lose their tempers and can make mistakes

High scorers control their tempers



Low scorers overestimate their competency and are hard to train

High scorers listen to advice and like to learn

Quick Facts

Assessment time: 10-15 minutes

Intended for selection and development of safety-conscious employees

Easy-to-understand, clear and concise reports

Visual representation of relative strengths and challenges for each scale

Inclusive and unbiased

Understand the candidate’s overall strengths and areas of concern

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