Awair launches revealing Hogan Safety Report to transform business hiring and development.

Awair, a leading consultancy firm and Hogan Assessments distributor, has launched a progressive safety report to show how businesses can improve their company safety culture. Using the fundamental practices of Hogan psychometric testing, the Awair Safety Report can save businesses money, reduce accidents and enhance company reputation.


Hogan has been helping businesses improve hiring decisions and staff development programs through psychometric testing for over 50 years. As a principal provider of Hogan Assessments, Awair aims to foster safer working environments by introducing the Hogan Safety Reports.


Workplace safety is a key component of business success. The consequences of accidents and injuries can cost businesses their reputation, affect employee wellbeing and negatively impact profitability. The eye-opening Hogan Safety report identifies personality traits and risky behaviours that can adversely affect a company’s safety culture.


“By analysing the findings presented in our Safety Report, businesses can make informed hiring decisions,” says Andrea Facchini, partner at Awair GB. “Further to that, the results can help tailor development initiatives for existing staff to improve company safety culture.”


The Hogan Safety Report assesses the safety-related capabilities of candidates and current employees through six safety scales. Looking at individuals’ scales in compliance, trainability, composure, alertness, caution, and resilience helps to build a picture of their safety-related attitudes and responses in the workplace.


The Hogan Research Division (HRD) conducted a series of real-world studies to develop the Safety Report delivered by Awair. Their research has been developed across a wide range of industries, so the findings provide results that can be applied to a multitude of sectors. The reports have been evolved by organisational psychology professionals adopting a robust methodology to deliver results in clear, accessible language.


Andrea states, “Companies who have utilised the Hogan Safety Reports have seen around 20% fewer workplace accidents. The implications of these results are significant.”


“Whilst the report can help inform hiring decisions, it is important to understand the risky behaviours that can appear in existing employees over time”, Andrea continues. “The value of the Hogan Safety Report is its versatility to be applied to various stages of the employee journey.”


Awair has produced an informative whitepaper demonstrating the benefits of employing the Hogan Safety Report in hiring and staff development. The whitepaper presents eight real-world cases where using the Safety Report has positively impacted the safety culture of these organisations.


This new whitepaper illustrates the positive effect of informed hiring and tailored staff development can have on a business. The findings of the Hogan Safety Report provides organisations with the invaluable insight necessary to make informed decisions around improving company safety culture.


To learn more about the Hogan Safety Report distributed by Awair and how it can benefit your organisation, please visit https://www.awairgb.co.uk/safety


To download a copy of the Awair Safety Report whitepaper visit https://www.shponline.co.uk/resources/improving-workplace-safety-strategic-recruitment-for-incident-prevention/


As a leading distributor of Hogan Assessments, Awair is dedicated to helping businesses make informed hiring decisions and help develop existing employees. Their commitment to improving workforces and company culture is further expanded with the introduction of the Hogan Safety Report. Awair is helping businesses increase productivity, profitability and safety within their organisations.