Enhance Candidate Selection with Hogan Assessments

Finding the right talent for your organisation can be a significant challenge, particularly as the job market becomes increasingly competitive. Recruitment can be tricky to get right, but employing the most suitable candidates has a profound effect on your company.

Many businesses are turning to psychometric testing as a crucial tool in their recruitment process. Hogan Assessments is a leading provider of psychometric tests that have been proven to be beneficial in the hiring process of countless organisations.


The Role of Psychometric Tests for Recruitment. 

Psychometric tests are standardised tools that evaluate a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality traits and other relevant attributes. The information in the results of such tests offers a structured approach to assessing potential hires. To ensure that psychometric tests are valuable and successful, they must be:

  • Objective – test results should be unaffected by the administrator’s beliefs.

  • Standardised – Tests should be consistent and conducted under controlled conditions.

  • Reliable – It is vital that errors are kept to a minimum to remain dependable.

  • Predictive – Providing an accurate prediction of a candidate’s performance.

  • Non-discriminatory – Tests should not put anyone at a disadvantage regardless of race, age or gender.

Conducting and administering psychometric tests correctly is essential to the success and validity of the results. Psychometric tests, when completed accurately, provide unbiased and reliable results that can lead to informed decisions in your recruitment process.

Recruiting the right people for your business means you can feel confident about hiring candidates who fit and have the requisite behaviours and skills. Implementing the results of tests in the hiring of new candidates can save your organisation time and money.

Psychometric tests can help with the selection process and streamline sifting through applications if used in the early stages of your recruitment. Also, ensuring you recruit the right people can reduce staff turnover, so you don’t have to spend additional time and money on unnecessary recruitment.

How do Hogan Assessments work for you?

Hogan Assessments was founded in 1987 and is recognised as a global leader in personality assessment and leadership development. Through years of research, Hogan Assessments has developed a suite of psychometric tests to provide an all-round view of your potential hires. The group of tests offer insight into your candidates’:

  • Personality traits

  • Reasoning

  • Values

  • Cognitive behaviours

  • Skill sets and abilities

  • Communication style

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of potential talent will help you make sound and dependable decisions for your business. Hogan Assessments has set itself apart from other providers with some notable features.

A multi-faceted approach – Hogan Assessments suite of personality and cognitive assessments provide a complete view of potential candidates through a three-pronged method.

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) evaluates the “Bright Side” of an individual’s personality, determining how they work and interact when they are at their best.

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) describes a candidate’s “Dark Side”, displaying potential derailers or problematic traits.

The Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) measures people’s goals, values and drivers. This shows whether a recruit would be a good fit for your organisation and whether they would feel engaged within your business.

Recognised research – Dr Robert Hogan began researching non-discriminatory personality tests over 50 years ago. Through years of study, Dr Hogan developed the Hogan Assessments suite, which, over time, has been validated by rigorous scientific research.

Customisation – Hogan Assessments offers a high degree of customisation, allowing organisations to tailor assessments to specific job roles. The flexibility of the psychometric assessments available means your business can adapt the tests to get the most out of them.

Global reach – Hogan Assessments are available worldwide, serving over 70 countries, and assessments are available in over 40 languages. The accessibility of Hogan Assessments makes them perfect for global organisations but also highlights the reliability of the results they provide.

Find the right personality assessment for your business. 

Hogan Assessments provides a strong solution for bolstering your recruitment decision-making process. However, it is important to understand the other psychometric test providers and how they compare.

  • Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – The MBTI primarily identifies personality types without probing the dark side traits. Hogan Assessments provides a more extensive assessment of a candidate’s strengths as well as supplying information on potential risks and weaknesses. With this in mind, the MTBI may be suitable for personal and team development but may be less helpful for recruitment purposes.

  • DiSC – The DiSC is focused on providing data on individuals’ behaviour styles, which helps understand someone’s personality. Hogan Assessments delivers a more comprehensive evaluation encompassing personality characteristics and values. DiSC can help with team building but might not be as helpful with predicting job performance as Hogan Assessments.

  • Predictive Index (PI) – Whilst Hogan Assessments and PI are both excellent at predicting job performance, Hogan Assessments offer a more in-depth evaluation. PI concentrates on cognitive ability and fit, whereas Hogan Assessments also provide insight into personality, values and potential derailers.

When choosing a psychometric testing package to aid your recruitment process, you need to consider what results you aim to achieve. The Hogan Assessments suite of tests provides a totally comprehensive result. Having the set of three tests gives your organisation a flexibility not available with other testing methods.


Streamline your recruitment process with Awair and Hogan Assessments

Awair can help your organisation apply the Hogan Assessments suite as part of your recruitment solution. By applying Hogan Assessments psychometric testing as part of your selection process will help you find the right talent for your organisation.

Psychometric testing can give you the confidence that you are recruiting the person the first time, saving you time and money in the long run.

Awair is a market leader in providing full training in administering and interpreting the Hogan suite of Assessments. Contact us for more information on our workshops and how Hogan Assessments can transform your recruitment process.