How can Psychometric Assessments boost your success?

One of the main differentiators between businesses is the people who work for them. The success of any organisation relies on its ability to understand and harness the strengths and skills of those employees.

By ensuring that your business has the right people in the right roles, you can make steps to boosting the success of your business. Utilising psychometric assessments from Hogan Assessments will help with your organisation’s hiring decisions and improve the performance of your business.


Enhance Organisational Success with Hogan Assessments

Many organisations are utilising the information provided from psychometric testing to make important hiring or leadership progression decisions. Psychometric assessments allow us to make predictions and assess the cognitive ability and behaviours of individuals.

A recent study by The Times suggested that 70% of companies with over 50 employees used psychometric assessments during their hiring process. These businesses are harnessing the knowledge that evaluations like those provided by Hogan Assessments to assist with important staffing decisions.


Why should I use psychometric testing?

There are many reasons why Hogan Assessments should be considered as part of your organisational planning. When your business is recruiting or restructuring, there is a lot to consider; psychometric assessments can help to simplify your decision process.

Cultural fit – A successful and productive employee isn’t just someone who has the skills to complete the tasks associated with their job role. Your business needs individuals who share your company’s values. Hogan Assessments will highlight personality traits that will promote your company culture.

Fundamental attributes – The results of psychometric tests are difficult to fake. Test results help us to understand a person’s behaviours and how they will engage and interact in the workplace. Finding the right person will ultimately improve your team and workplace.

Save time and money – Psychometric assessments can save you a lot of time from sifting through applications. By only focusing on candidates that provide the personality traits that will benefit your business, you’ll save time on your recruitment process. Employing psychometric assessments during hiring will save money from a streamlined process and making the right decisions the first time.

Deeper understanding – Without the assistance of psychometric testing, interviews can provide a flawed view. Interviews themselves cannot measure ability and aptitude accurately. The results of psychometric testing can give you a comparative view against other candidates.

Unbiased decision making – Standard interviews rely on the perception of the interviewer, which is prone to subjectivity and fluctuation. Even the most experienced interviewer can be influenced by their personal views or even their own mood on the day of the interview. Psychometric testing from the likes of Hogan Assessments is the fairest form of testing as it provides completely unbiased results.

How Hogan Assessments can boost your business

A successful organisation is a productive and effective one. The performance of your workforce is enhanced by the motivation and quality of your teams. Furthermore, the excellence of your business is promoted by effective leaders.

Employing the right people for your organisation ensures that you have people with the requisite skills and behaviours that are conducive with your company culture. For your business to progress you’ll be looking for employees who are engaged with your company and have a willingness to learn. Using Hogan psychometric assessments will help your recruiters find candidates who will add value to your teams.


Unleashing leadership potential

A growing business needs people to progress and lead others through change. Psychometric testing from Hogan Assessments can help pinpoint which team members have the best chance of enhancing your organisation’s development. By promoting the right people into management positions with further the success of your business.

Hogan Assessment’s suite of assessments delves deep into the core characteristics that make a successful leader.

These assessments not only reveal an individual's strengths but also uncover potential derailers – traits that, if left unchecked, can hinder leadership effectiveness. By identifying these derailers early on, organisations can provide targeted coaching and development to ensure that high-potential leaders thrive in their roles.


A happy workforce is a productive one.

The wellbeing of your company’s employees is currently at the forefront of many business strategies. Organisations realise that by looking after their employees will reap benefits in the long run. On a personal level, staff are happy when they are working in the right role and feel that they are achieving. Hogan Assessments provides the insight into the personalities of potential hires and existing employees.

As you are recruiting new staff, you’ll be able to understand whether they are suited to the job role and if it will ultimately provide them with the motivation to succeed. If you are looking for leadership development within your organisation, you’ll gain insight into who would thrive in a management role.

By placing individuals in the right place within your organisation will create a happier work environment for the whole team, not just for individuals. This will lead your whole organisation to success.


Awair distributes Hogan Assessments for your success.

In increasingly competitive business conditions, it’s easy to see the role of Hogan Assessments in giving you a competitive edge. Awair can help provide a window into an individual's personality, behaviours, and potential through the psychometric tests available through Hogan Assessments.

The result of the assessments enables organisations to make informed decisions about leadership, team dynamics, talent acquisition, and employee development. Having the ability to identify the right people the first time will save your organisation time and money and set you on the right course for success.

Contact Awair today to find out more about how our workshops can start your business on the journey to greater success.