The benefits of psychometric testing for businesses

Many businesses around the globe are realising the power of employing psychometric testing for critical decision-making within their organisations. In fact, over 75% of The Times Top 100 Companies use psychometric testing alongside their other recruitment processes and tools.   

Psychometric testing can be a powerful tool for many industries to help aid hiring and development decisions within their organisations. This is because it can provide insights into an individual’s cognitive abilities, behavioural tendencies and personality traits. Gaining this sort of understanding can help an organisation make sound decisions to identify the right candidate for a job, develop high-potential employees and improve overall organisational performance.

Personality assessments support business decisions

Joanne Bondin, the director of MISCO, who employs business psychology methods through psychometric testing for high-level personnel business decisions, has said that “psychometric testing can improve performance outcomes by up to 24%”.

Using personality assessments can support an organisation’s recruitment process by identifying a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and can assist in reducing unintentional hiring bias. Combining the data from personality testing and standard selection methods allows you to reduce the impact of unconscious bias and focus on making the right hiring decisions for your organisation.

Recruiting the right staff leads to improved job satisfaction and can work towards reduced staff turnover. Progressing and hiring suitable candidates will reduce a company’s spending on recruitment and lead to recruiting less often. Therefore, investing in psychometric testing can give organisations a good return on investment.            

Psychometric testing can also be used to develop high-potential employees. By identifying employees who have the potential to take on more senior roles within the organisation, organisations can provide targeted coaching and development programs to help these individuals reach their full potential. This can improve overall organisational performance by ensuring the right people are in the right roles.

Improve employee performance and engagement

We can use psychometric testing to highlight development areas in individuals. This means that an organisation can tailor training programmes to employees and target specific development opportunities. By understanding how to engage employees and improve their overall job performance, we can increase their job satisfaction, as they are likely to feel supported and valued by their organisation. 

It is essential to understand that whilst psychometric testing can highlight weaknesses in individuals, this information should be used positively to improve employee performance and job satisfaction. 

Psychological assessments provide a deeper understanding of your workforce when utilised well. This leads to improved hiring decisions, increased employee engagement, better staff performance, and reduced staff turnover. Working together, all of these elements result in greater business efficiency. 

Hogan Assessments provide trusted results 

Hogan Assessments are an internationally well-respected leading provider of psychometric testing. Hogan Assessments offers a full suite of personality assessments, including Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI).

Hogan personality assessments are used for selection, assessment and leadership development. Hogan has been developed over many years. The experience, research and insights gained from the Hogan Assessments have proven to be highly effective at predicting job performance with an accuracy of up to 90%. This provides a valuable tool to organisations that want to ensure that individuals are placed in the right place and the right people are selected for the right job.  

Studies by Hogan Assessments have shown the benefits of employing psychometric testing.  

  • Companies using Hogan Assessments as part of the hiring process saw a 58% reduction in staff turnover and a 50% reduction in hiring mistakes. 

  • Hogan Assessments have been found to improve leadership effectiveness by 73%. 

  • Companies that used Hogan Assessments in leadership development programmes reported a 14% increase in employee engagement. 

  • Sales teams found that salespeople hired using the outcomes of Hogan Assessments outperformed colleagues who were not assessed by 49%.

  • A Hogan Assessments study established that employees matched to their job roles through assessment were 60% less likely to leave their job within 6 months. 

Time and money spent on recruitment and leadership development can be honed and focussed using Hogan Assessments. When taking just a few of these statistics into account, it’s easy to see how employing personality assessments in hiring and development decisions within an organisation can save money and improve the efficiency of the business. 

Delivering outcomes with Hogan Assessments

Staff can feel empowered by supported development from their managers. Providing employees with a deeper understanding of their personality traits and developmental needs gives them a feeling of organisational engagement. 

However, any results shown through psychometric testing must be interpreted and fed back to candidates correctly. Not understanding the results or communicating the test outcomes poorly can have an adverse effect on staff and their future performance. So, it is essential to provide individuals with their results correctly. Awair provides training in how to administer Hogan Assessments and interpret and deliver the results to individuals. 

Awair runs regular Hogan Certification workshops to teach participants to administer and interpret Hogan’s suite of Assessments. The workshops cover all three core personality assessments, Hogan’s theoretical background and how to best employ the assessments within an organisation for predicting workplace performance. 

Contact us today to find out how you can register for our next workshop and successfully utilise psychometric testing within your business.