Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

The MVPI measures personality from the inside: core goals, drivers, interests and values. The MVPI provides insights regarding person-organisation cultural fit, drivers of motivation and engagement, unconscious biases and leadership-styles. Used for selection and development, the MVPI helps organisations in uncovering what really matters to candidates and employees, as well as providing information about the work environments in which they are likely to thrive.

The MVPI is composed of 10 primary scales and 50 subscales.


MVPI Dimensions:

Recognition: the desire for attention, approval and praise from others

Power: the desire for control, status, success and influence over others

Hedonism: the desire for fun, pleasure and enjoyment

Altruistic: the desire to help others and contribute to society

Affiliation: the desire for social interaction and close relationships

Tradition: the desire for integrity, respect and formality

Security: the desire for predictability, stability, and structure

Commerce: the desire for wealth, pursuing investments and financial success

Aesthetics: the desire for self-expression, creativity and quality of design

Science: the desire for knowledge, research, technology and data

How can the MVPI benefit you?

Selection – Dependable and consistent performance in any job role is reliant on the values of the individual. The MVPI has been developed to measure an individual’s motivational drivers and their relative fit to organisational culture.


Critical Hires – Defining a candidate profile that will outperform the competition is the key to filling influential and prominent positions. Only Hogan’s unique approach can uncover the facets of personality and values that predict high performance. 


Development – The key to development is self-awareness. The MVPI enhances an individual’s self-awareness by providing feedback on which values are assets and which will limit performance. Through the MVPI data, individuals can learn to manage attitudes, unconscious biases and tendencies to enable greater career success.

Leadership Assessment and Development – The MVPI helps to identify leadership attributes and behaviours to assess leadership potential. Feedback from the MVPI can also anticipate the type of leadership climate an individual will recreate, and the relative fit with the wider organisational culture. Hogan’s approach to leadership development not only gives a comprehensive description of how values can drive or hinder success, but it also provides tools and services to overcome weaknesses and maximise strengths.

High Potential Development - One of the hardest parts of finding high potential employees is defining what potential means. Armed with the industry-leading database of personality research, Hogan have pinpointed key characteristics used to find and develop high potential employees.


Professional & Career Development – Research shows that companies that invest in professional development consistently outperform those that don’t. That’s why Hogan created professional development options that are equally accessible and impactful. With Hogan, your employees will have the strategic self-awareness needed to grow and increase productivity.


Retention - By assessing an individual’s motivational drivers, you can evaluate the level of fit with the wider organisational culture to maximise retention and promote engagement.


Team Development - Achieving the right mix of skills, experience, and personality is the key to forming productive teams. Get that mix wrong, by even just one individual, and the results can be disastrous. Hogan develops teams by analysing the strengths, weaknesses, and values that exist within the group.

Quick Facts

15-minute completion time

Grounded in 80 years of theory and research on values and drivers

10 scales 5 subscales per scale

Validated for use in more than 400 research studies.

Available in 51 languages and dialects

No adverse impact

Increase diversity with unbiased assessment data

Used for multiple applications

From entry-level hiring to leadership development

Predicts success and job satisfaction

See what employees really want from their work

Become certified to administer and interpret the Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory.

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